Are patsy kensit and robin dating

Christian Slater ad-libbed Will Scarlett's line of "Fuck me, he cleared it!", after Robin and Azeem are catapulted over the castle wall.Most of the songs the characters sing or hum within the film are actual Medieval melodies.For example, the song Friar Tuck sings is set to the tune of a song called Bacche Bene Venies, from the 13th century Codex Buranus.Patsy was previously married to a famous DJ, Jeremy Healy in 2009.But just after ten months of marriage, the DJ moved out and was adamant that the relationship was over.Cary Elwes was offered the role of Robin Hood, and turned it down, because he thought the plot was too contrived.

' She is determined to make it work but Jeremy is adamant that it’s over and has moved out. ‘He is always partying with models until the early hours and it’s hard for Patsy to keep tabs on what he does. ‘When he was DJ at the Victoria’s Secret party he went missing all night and Patsy couldn’t get hold of him on the phone.

Director Kevin Reynolds kept it in the film, because it was funny, despite the historical inaccuracy.

Rumor has it that Kevin Costner wanted to use an English accent, but Kevin Reynolds didn't want him to.

They had a top 10 hit across almost all of Europe in 1988 with 'I'm Not Scared' (produced by the Pet Shop Boys), followed later the same year by 'Cross My Heart'.

By 1989, Patsy decided to concentrate solely on her acting career, and won the role of South African consulate secretary Rika Van Den Haas opposite Mel Gibson in . I'd had seven years of bad behaviour - sex, drugs, infidelity, failed marriages, you name it.

Supposedly, Costner would affect the accent when he was arguing with Reynolds, but not when they were in agreement.

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