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You know the strange world of celebrity pet adoption has gone off the rails when a chat-show host bursts into tears on air, death threats start to fly, hot-shot lawyers start making nasty statements, and the whole farrago ends up on the evening news and every cable station in the land.Welcome to America's latest non-scandal scandal, a sob story in every sense of the word featuring Ellen De Generes, the avowedly gay talk-show host and actress; De Generes's partner and fellow actress Portia de Rossi; a Brussels griffon mix terrier called Iggy; some cats; a hairdresser; and two very upset pre-teen girls.

But it seems 59-year-old Ellen is not missing her glamorous former lover either. I’m telling you, the stuff she was telling me was unbelievable. You know I thought, “Oh my God.”I never originally was going to marry these two ideas. GG: Not only where Cleo might be, but seeing the world through Cleo’s eyes — telling me everything that Cleo knew about me and what he had been through [with] me up until that point. It was just a really intense period, and then my cat went missing.I believe each piece is custom made to your specifications and shipping to the US is probably outrageous, if even available at all, so I’d just like everyone to enjoy the photos and be inspired by this incredible feline design.You can see more at and also follow them on Facebook. [I]t’s all about gathering information, first from the owners of the dog, then from the dogs [sic] body language.

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