Dating lioness profile


You need scathingly honest, loyal supporters who aren't afraid to call you out when you've strayed from your original intentions.In affairs of the heart, you're decidedly starry-eyed and must take extra precautions not to entangle yourself in the wrong relationship.He may also sulk if his needs are not met immediately.When in a love relationship, the Lion tends to be totally warm, expressive, romantic and passion.The people born under the Leo zodiac sign are very proud of themselves and display traits like strong will power, determination and courage.

You're the zodiac's Queen of Fierce, a born leader and trendsetter who raises the bar of success to breathtaking heights.Still, he shares good compatibility with only a few signs, who can understand him fully.Leo Aries Compatibility An Aries individual has much in common with the Lion.The simple life is abhorrent—you're a fire sign who deals in bright, colorful blazes.While you're always aflame with creative vision, you're oft unaware of your might.It is a meeting point to find out about different aspects of the history of humanity, and a common space to learn about the different territories that exist today in Spain.

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