Dating m1 garand stocks


Click for more info Springfield M1 Garand Type II National Match rifle in 30-06. Rebarreled by well known Springfield Gunsmith - Orion. Serial number "3087XXX" which puts receiver in the early 1945 (possible Battle of the Bulge). Click for more info Here is another example of what American History looks like from a gun, barrel dated in Jan. Several manufacturers sell a venting type of gas screw that addresses the potential of high pressure in the gas cylinder.John Garand patented such a device for the M1 in 1945 (Patent #2369669).Production at Springfield started with 220 flintlock muskets built in 1795.The Harpers Ferry Armory was destroyed during the Civil War, leaving the Springfield Armory as the federal government's only small arms manufacturing facility. Springfield Armory built another 265,620 M1903s during the war.

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Unlike a venting gas screw, our product works by changing the initial conditions in the gas cylinder.

It is commonly stated that shooting commercial ammunition in the M1 Garand will cause damage to the operating rod.

With the supply of M2 Ball ammunition dwindling, it seemed an appropriate time to investigate this topic and look for solutions.

A good micrometer and a quality set of calipers will be required to measure part dimensions.

When possible use the micrometer to get the most accurate measurement.

Has two holes on left side possibly for a cheek piece.

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