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I’m from Mayo, just outside Ballina - a farmer’s daughter from the west of Ireland! There is a beautiful apartment that’s included in the job. The recruitment consultants will tell you all about the airline, Dubai, the change, what’s expected of you. Training starts with an induction day in Dubai, where they talk about the city, the contrast with your home country and an Arabic, Muslim country. Once you qualify, there are regular exams once a year to renew your flying license, and they have high pass marks too. Now, I’d have a Dubai summer over an Irish winter any day of the week! There are a lot of places we might know about that tourists don’t, because it has become our home. Probably not being able to go to events at home that you would like to. I would love to have been there, but I wasn’t able to. That said, when I lived in Australia, I missed everything. People could travel with us to the most amazing event in their life, or the saddest. She had been in Melbourne to see her great-granddaughter. "But the one I have now is that I didn’t do this years ago. I used to work for Ulster Bank as a Savings & Investment Advisor, but myself and two friends took a redundancy package to go travelling. We get our schedules once a month, and we fly on average between 80 and 100 hours in a month. This time, my destinations have included Vienna, Milan, New York, Sydney and Auckland, where I plan to take a few days off. After that, you may get invited to a one-to-one interview.* Interview day is almost like a knockout stage. I didn’t know a lot of that before I arrived, so I found it really helpful. You have Friday and Saturday off, but there are long days, with a lot of information. You need to study, and there’s always new information coming. It’s different coming from the West, of course, and I wasn’t very educated about Islam until I went to Dubai. Now, I can get back for Christmas, weddings, a whole lot more. I came back from Milan recently, and I was sitting in my jump seat looking out the window. On long-hauls, we work the whole flight, but there is a rest strategy and full beds in special crew rest compartments, complete with crew pyjamas and movies! I’ve also met some of the most incredible people on board. After a slow start, the discussion took off and now has 17,000 comments, or about four a day.I believe this to be a premier website for this topic. Daniel, about one in eighteen comments on the website are on this page.I always wanted to travel, that’s the whole reason I left Ireland. Every month we get our rosters, but we can bid on or request various routes. Emirates pays for our training, uniforms and even our bills in Dubai. Of all the people who apply, they choose about 5pc, or one in 20. *For more on careers with Emirates, see The airline also requires a positive attitude, 'empathy for others', a strong cultural awareness and the ability to adapt to new people and environments. "We all have something in common – I guess it’s an attitude. We are caring, kind, the way we deal with people – Emirates as a company loves Irish people. They see us as being genuine, a hospitable country." We’re more than just a pretty face. You have briefings before every flight to refresh your knowledge, too. You can be afraid of something you don't know, but learning about it was amazing. That said, Dubai isn’t as strict as other Muslim countries. We do two flights a day into Dublin and with a 24-hour layover you’d be surprised what you can do. I once wore a stepper to count my steps, and I think I walked something like 4.5km in a flight! But we’ll also sit down together, have lunch or a coffee or a chat when people are sleeping. I could see all the city lights below and the stars were getting closer. I worked for a year in Australia, and one day I saw a sign saying: ‘Why work on the ground when you can work 40,000 feet in the air? Emirates employs around 23,000 cabin crew, but they do their best to accommodate us. So if you have Dublin and I have Vienna, we can swap, and everyone’s happy. After a long-haul flight you need a minimum of two days rest back in Dubai. You need to be culturally aware, because we fly to 120 destinations, we meet people from all walks of life. What’s your definition of a pretty face, after all? Every profession you could think of is represented on board. I fly with some crew who have been there 14 or 15 years. It’s so modern, so cosmopolitan; there are so many ex-pats there now and the Irish community is strong. Sure, It can get very hot – the hottest period lasts about eight weeks. We are visitors, and we have to respect their rules. If I have days off in Dubai, I can always just jump on a flight and come home. Read more Medical doctor 28 years, fun loving, matured, family oriented, intelligent, hard working girl, with strong moral values looking for intelligent, broad minded, educated, muslim boy brought up o... I stud 2nd in mumbai at Masters level(Mathematics) hv completed Mphil in Maths... I consider myself to be laid back, approachable and outgoing.the kind of person im lookin for should be, honest, loyal, hardworking, down to earth, sumone with...

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