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Pearson tells us that Francis Galton, toward the close of his life, had come to fear that the new science of eugenics would do more harm than good.

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By the mid-19th-century, science was taking over, but that did not end the debate, indeed, it only made it more contentious than ever.With a strong interest in child welfare, he served as President of various orphanages in Vermont and treasurer for the Vermont Children's Aid Society from 1920-1940.As President of the University of Vermont (1919-1940), Bailey advocated research and public service as key components of the University's mission, with an emphasis on bringing the academic expertise into Vermont communities.SKULLDUGGERY On July 18, 1866 the distinguished geologist and scion of a prominent and intellectual Massachusetts…President, University of Vermont, 1919-1940 Eugenics Survey Advisory Committee.There is no knowledge which it is more important to have widely diffused than the knowledge of the means by which our human inheritance can be improved" It is often a misfortune for any good movement to become a fad.

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