How to be friends after dating

Along these lines, some exes may stay friends because they hope to rekindle the relationship, essentially creating a cycle of breakups and initiations known as “on-again/off-again” relationships.

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3) Post-dissolution friendships are more likely if the ex-partners are still attracted to one another, perhaps because they still want to “hook up” again.Should I just simply make it clear to him by sending him an email that we actually have nothing in common and that I am not his friend?Or just continue to do my own stuff and not making any contacts to him?2) Ex-couples are more likely to stay friends if the breakup was mutual.Also, post-dissolution friendships are more likely if the breakup was initiated by the man.I'M ON AN (IMPROMPTU) VACATION WITH MY BEST MALE FRIEND! On an island off the coast of the beautiful American Northeast.

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