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Furthermore, I have to close the app and restart between every message. It seems to run everything else just fine, but gets completely bogged down by this resource intensive app. The content of the profile also will often times not load until the picture is finished.I'm disappointed that I have to uninstall permanently. I can't send messages or stay on the app for too long. The app crashes often, especially when moving through messages and profiles in succession.Just getting the chat window and keyboard open takes several minutes. And it also be nice if there was the update to Scruff 5 like Android and Apple.Once there, I can only type a few words at a time before I have to wait for it to catch up. Its unfair and decriminates the Windows phone, very neglectful While I am grateful for support on the windows platform, I believe this app has been neglected for the last few updates. Everything takes far too long to load, and the app often freezes up while loading a profile picture.” rating - Reveal more by sharing and receiving private photo albums - Track who is interested in you by checking who has viewed and Woof’d you Download SCRUFF for FREE now to find out why SCRUFF is the most popular gay app for Windows Phone!Version number: Version 4.50.5 -Fix issue with ethnicity not saving correctly Version -Fix issue with some favorites not showing when user has more than 100 -Fix issue with Alerts not clearing Version -Fix for chat text input box not showing correctly on some devices -Improve memory management on low memory devices -Resolve issue where device could hang on login when also using i OS or Android Version -Update to support new SCRUFF Server changes -Updates to help improve loading performance -Updates to location tracking on Neadby grid -Improved video playback -Fix user reported typos Version -Fix user reported typo -Update text fields in profile to allow longer lengths and align with other platforms Version -Fix issue with filter by Sex Preference on Nearby Filter -Add ability to save images to device from archive albums -Improve cleaning of Notification Center when SCRUFF is loaded Version -Resolve issue with empty communities on Nearby Filter -Resolve issue with textbox being hidden by keyboard on profile editor pages Version -Resolve issues with SCRUFF running on Windows Phone 10 -Add Sex Preference and Sex Safety Practices Support -Update Communities to match other platforms Even after multiple reinstalls the app ruined extremely slow and is unresponsive.Memang surah ini mempunyai aura yang mampu menenangkan hati.Setelah itu, boleh beransur menambah bacaan dengan membaca surah – surah yang lain.

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Didalam dunia ini, tiada siapa yang mahu merasa kecewa dan terluka. Bismillah, izinkan saya berkongsi beberapa cara untuk menguatkan dan menenangkan kembali hati yang sedang lemah.

Ini adalah cerita nyata perselingkuhanku dengan suami orang yang kusesali sampai sekarang,, aku sudah punya suami tapi aku jatuh cinta dengan suami orang lain.

Aku seorang istri dan Ibu dari seorang anak perempuan yang sekarang berusia 7 tahun.

Aku menikah pada tahun 1995 dan baru punya anak tahun 2004.

Aku dan suami termasuk pacaran cukup lama sekitar 5 tahun. dan bahkan sangat bahagia meskipun saat itu kami belum di karuniai anak. Aku bekerja di suatu perusahaan, di kantor aku tahu banyak yang suka denganku tapi aku selalu berusaha tidak menanggapi mereka, aku tidak ingin mengkhianati suamiku, apalagi aku termasuk orang yang benci dengan perselingkuhan.

Pendek kata banyak perkara yang membuatkan hati kita menjadi remuk rendam dan membuatkan kita merasa lemah. Oleh itu marilah kita kembali menghidupkan amalan ini.

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