Problems updating apps ipod touch validating email address in asp net

Does i Tunes keep giving you a weird error number that you don’t understand? The most frustrating thing is to wade through idea after idea, gradually considering the XYZ things you might need to do just to get your i Pod to sync. Surely someone at i Tunes had this version of i Pod and used XP too?Have you searched through many an i Pod/i Tunes forum looking for answers and yet still don’t know what’s wrong? Surely they didn’t have to resort to registry hacking to fix this? In the meantime, here’s a compiled list of the most common i Pod sync problems and the easiest steps you can take to work out how to fix them. It’s advised that you do an i Tunes backup and an i Pod/i Phone backup before you try any fixes.

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One of the main problems found on i OS devices is apps getting stuck on Home screen, unusable.

Voice Memo or Music Sync) before attempting a sync.

Create a new admin account on your machine, open i Tunes (which will be a new library), then attempt to sync your i Pod with this new library.

It doesn’t help too to go to the App Store to try to re-download the affected apps.

The problematic apps continue to stuck and appear stubbornly on the Home screen even after restarting the i Phone, i Pad or i Pod touch.

If you’ve never had an i Pod before, quickly check this basic user guide to make sure you know how it’s supposed to be syncing.

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