Problems with consolidating itunes library


The consolidated files will be copied and filed according to the i Tunes conventions, regardless of settings.

The only thing you have to do is set the desired destination folder in "i Tunes Music folder location".) Have you verified that the folder you're designating as the "i Tunes Music folder location" is set up to receive files?

Im music mad and all the added extras you can do with the ipod was a pure bonus to me, podcasts etc ... This slowed my laptop to a crawl and I couldnt fit anymore music on (still have the other 2 thirds of my cd collection to add to the ipod) so recently I purchased an external 320gb drive with the idea of storing all my media on it and transfering existing music from laptop to free up its memory.

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Whether you import one photo or a few hundred, each is a separate roll. Since i Photo ’08 Apple has included an organizational tool called Events which helps simplify the grouping of photos. However unlike rolls, events can be merged by dragging one event on top of another, or selecting both events and choose You can repeat the process as needed, eventually consolidating your library into a smaller group of events to manage.Libraries of 5,000 – 10,000 pictures are commonplace these days, and I’ve seen some with over 50,000 photos!The more pictures you have, the longer i Photo takes to launch and run.cosolodating libraries, changing the pathways and store folders in the advanced tabs on itunes, which has worked to some degree, my music does import and save to my e drive but I still get a library in my c drive.The library in c drive still uses the same amount of memory as it used too, and I have the mp files on external.To rename an event, double-click on its name in the i Photo window.

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