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Starting in the 1970s, Carvin developed a niche in the musical instrument world by only selling directly to the public via mail order, In the 1980s they began to offer guitars and basses built to a customer's specifications, based on available body shapes, woods, colors, electronics, and other features.

In 1991 the company opened showrooms in Southern California that resemble a full-fledged music store, only lacking effects devices, keyboards and drum gear.

Lowell Kiesel founded Carvin in San Diego, California in 1946 as the L. Around 1948, it returned to Southern California—and, in 1949, moved to Baldwin Park, California, where the company name changed to Carvin, after Kiesel's two eldest sons, Carson and Gavin.In 1995, Jeff Kiesel started working for the company, and in 2011 he began to help with design and instrument development.In 2015, Carvin Corporation split its business units, and Kiesel Guitars was founded to take over the guitar and bass manufacturing, as a wholly separate company.The rule of thumb is that small orders will be delivered via USPS Priority, and larger items (amps, speakers, etc.) will be delivered via UPS.Some items, such as complete PA systems or half and full-stack amplifiers, will be shipped in multiple boxes.Throughout the 1950s, 1960s, and early 1970s, Carvin manufactured guitars and bass guitars, largely from bodies and necks made by Höfner.

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