Ross lynch answers dating questions

Ross Lynch and Laura Marano have been close friends for years.She even admitted to us that she loves that her fans want them to be together in real life — so why aren’t they dating? While he says they're just good friends, Ross hints that Laura could have some feelings for him!He says she gets "awkward" when people on set joke about their potential romantic relationship.“Ross and I — and everyone on the show — we all agreed on.You really don’t date costars when you work with them,” she said.We also had to ask the one question we know you're all dying to find out the answer to: Would he ever date his co-star Laura Marano? ‘s days may be numbered *sigh* but we’re sure Ross Lynch is here to stay.

We mean, how often can we hear about a celeb's first date ever and what the most daring thing they ever did was? Whether they are running after me to take a picture, or they are too shy to speak.It's funny." Since Ross says they fight like an old married couple but probably won't date while they're still working together, Raura doesn't seem likely in the near future. Do you think there's still a chance they'll get together in the future? But we think Laura's awkwardness means she feels a spark with Ross too. Well, it’s an agreement, she told us during a segment for our Hollywood Life podcast. “I think it’s a very much because we are very professional,” Laura, 19, told Hollywood “I know for me — I’ve been acting since I was 5 — I’ve always been taught that you really should never date a costar while you’re working with someone, because then you can get together then not get together. ” She also told us that it’s not just her who feels this way — the whole cast pretty much made a pact!The most memorable is when this guy wanted to take a picture with me, but we were driving on the freeway in separate cars..." : "I don't really do things conventionally...

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