Startup message computer must be restarted before updating can continue


For years, after Microsoft's second Tuesday updates, as soon as I used Photoshop, I would get an error message with an endless loop saying I need to restart the computer for updating to continue.

I am pretty sure this hangs because a) I have CS4, which hasn't had updates in recent years; and b) there is a conflict between the "Full Adobe Acrobat" that is part of CS4 and the current Adobe Reader.

After doing this for several minutes it tells me that it must restart and to click "Finish" to restart.

I do so and my computer restarts and then loops right back to the Installing Updates screen and once again, after completing Step 1 or Step 2 it restarts and goes to the Loading Files screen and then to the Windows cannot start and the the repair scan.

If you believe the issue may have been caused by one of the apps that you were using, click Cancel instead.

If you don't click anything for 60 seconds, OS X automatically continues as if you had clicked Open.

and I'm going to try and make this say exactly what my computer is doing but I may have a few of the words jumbled because my computer is at home being stupid and I'm at work trying to earn money to buy a new one.

:p Anyway, last night my computer automatically restarted itself in order for my latest set of Windows updates to take affect.

[This topic is intended to address a specific issue called out by the Exchange Server Analyzer Tool.

It looped like this all night long and then again was doing it this morning when I left for work.

Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Opearating System: Windows Vista Also, I don't really know how to do a System Restore and am concerned I will loose all my files.

You may encounter the error message when installing Exchange 2010 “The start mode for the Net.

TCP Port Sharing service must be set to Automatic before Setup can continue” Solution: 1.

You should apply it only to systems that have had the Exchange Server Analyzer Tool run against them and are experiencing that specific issue.

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