Who is theresa from hollyoaks dating 20 27 year old dating


Missing her chance to attend Mercedes's hen celebrations in Ibiza after heading to the airport with the wrong passport, Theresa realises that she'll have to find her own fun at home in Chester.However, with Will still too shy to reveal his true feelings for her, Theresa makes a potentially deadly mistake by signing up for an online dating site.It wasn’t just because I couldn’t work with my boyfriend anymore, but also because James is such a great actor.”“I never thought in my real life that I’d enjoy working with a boyfriend, but I absolutely love it.

next week as evil Silas Blissett lines her up as his next victim.

But instead, Theresa embraced friends and family and, after one momentary lapse of concentration which saw her almost depart without daughter Myra-Pocahontas, she left Hollyoaks to the strains of Goodbye by the Spice Girls .

Fans will recall the murder of Calvin Valentine (portrayed by actor Ricky Whittle, who has since made a successful transition to Hollywood), the teenage pregnancy and the plotline in which Theresa was the target of a serial killer.

Follow me on twitter @Everything_HO star Jorgie Porter has admitted that she was sad when her character Theresa Mc Queen broke up with Will Savage.

The pair ended their relationship in late December after drifting apart once Will had enrolled at Hollyoaks Community College.

Or are you keen to know the full back story of Dodger Savage?

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