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The release versions are (we believe) quite stable and if you do find any bugs, we will prioritize fixing release versions before any other work (if we can isolate them and they are actually fixable) The Beta/preview versions allow you to test out our upcoming new features and products.You will generally get more bugs and/or missing features in these versions than you would a released version.

However, unlike castsequence, it uses macro text for the commands instead of spells, and it advances every time the button is pushed instead of stopping when it can't cast something.

More Hello there, The final Icecrown Citadel Beta session's date are finally set.

Since we have received different answers from the guilds about which day would fit them best, we have decided to have two days for such tests in order to accommodate every group. More Hello Citizens of Dalaran, We would like to quickly update the community about the current status of the Icecrown Citadel.

More Hello Citizens of Dalaran, We are glad to finally be able to provide the official release date of The Icecrown Citadel: Saturday, 27th May.

Because this patch's content is quite extense and it involves many important matters, we have decided to progressively announce several informative posts before the...

) and select 'Download link as.../Save link as...' (or a similar option) from the menu. Double-click the green Wow Matrix icon to run Wow Matrix. If a 'Windows protected your PC' message appears, click More info, then click 'Run Anyway' to proceed. Subsquently, you can double-click the Wow Matrix green icon on your Desktop each time you wish to install or update your World of Warcraft Add Ons.

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